måndag 16 augusti 2010

Photo Time! 8D

As I said, Firefox hate me, and I don't like Explorer. Which is why I haven't uploaded any photos.

But now!

Anyway. On with the show...

A photo I know a lot of people want to see:

My school-uniform!

And these are some photos taken on my way home from school.

It takes me about 40 minutes to walk home... ><

I've seen so many yellow cars that it's not even funny any more..... >>

And dooown here. It's really steep.

Almost home!

Up the driveway, and then....



That's what I have for now. 'Cuz really don't have the patience to try and get along with Explorer ant longer. I'm serious. This is the 7th time I've tried to upload the photos, get them about where it's ok to have them (NOT where I want them, since that, apparently, is too hard to do), and get the text where they make sense (beside the right photo, again, not exactly where I want them).

So, until next time~


lördag 31 juli 2010

Wow. Time really flies by. I've already been here for 2 weeks! But even though it feels like I've just gotten here, it feels like I've been away from home a lot longer than just 2 weeks...

Anyways. I've now a few more photos. Buuut Firefox seem to hate me, so I have to change to Explorer every time I want to upload photos ><'

So I'm gonna go out and take a few more photos, and then put those up tomorrow.

*goes of mumbling about stupidcomputersandstupidfirefoxandstupidphoneandstupideverythingelsethatIcanthinkofthatisstupid* (Cookie to the ones who can read that easy and loud at first try!)

torsdag 22 juli 2010

So. Here I am now. In Australia. In Engadine.
And so far, I'm loving it here!

While I'm in Australia, I'll be living with 4 host families- all here in Engadine. And I'll be attending Engadine High, yr 11. I have started school, and the subjects I'm reading are Advanced Maths, Standard English, Biology, Chemistry, Visual Design and Ancient History.
And yes, I do have a school uniform. And yes, I'm wearing a skirt every day now. I'll soon have a photo to prove it to you.

So. Moving on.

My current host family doesn't have any children living at home, which is a huge difference to me- always having lived with my sisters. And I've noticed how quiet a house can be, when there are no other children there who either fight or play music for the neighbours (wow, I can't believe I spelled that right on my first try! 8D) to hear. But I'm not complaining (yet). It's, like I said, a big difference, and it was because I wanted difference in my life that I went on exchange. So mission accomplished! xD

But that's not the only difference I've experienced. My room here is HUGE!! Especially considering to how my room is in Sweden... Though that doesn't say much more than that I'm not living in a cupboard. I haven't got a picture of me in my school uniform, but I do have some of my new room:

.... Ignore the mess. It's gone now. I promise!!

Other things that I'm not used to are that here we keep our shoes on. All the time. Except from when going to bed, or cuddling up in the sofa with a good book, or something good to watch on tv.
And the doorknobs!! They're NOT as I'm used to. You twist them to open the door, not push them down as I'm used to xD
Also we eat a light lung of toast or something like that, and then a real dinner- not milk and cereals for "dinner", as I'm used to, and then "real food" for lunch.

But I'm slowly adjusting to this life, and I think that this will be a great year!