måndag 16 augusti 2010

Photo Time! 8D

As I said, Firefox hate me, and I don't like Explorer. Which is why I haven't uploaded any photos.

But now!

Anyway. On with the show...

A photo I know a lot of people want to see:

My school-uniform!

And these are some photos taken on my way home from school.

It takes me about 40 minutes to walk home... ><

I've seen so many yellow cars that it's not even funny any more..... >>

And dooown here. It's really steep.

Almost home!

Up the driveway, and then....



That's what I have for now. 'Cuz really don't have the patience to try and get along with Explorer ant longer. I'm serious. This is the 7th time I've tried to upload the photos, get them about where it's ok to have them (NOT where I want them, since that, apparently, is too hard to do), and get the text where they make sense (beside the right photo, again, not exactly where I want them).

So, until next time~


6 kommentarer:

  1. Great, thanks. Nice pics. This is exactly what I wanted to see. Have you seen any snakes or spiders yet? Is the food any good? Can you ride a kangaroo to school?

  2. Nice, I like your uniform! Pictures are not everything, its fun to read about your thaughts and experiences from down under as well!

  3. Yes. I have my own kangaroo. His name is Roger.
    Nope. No spiders or snakes. Yet. Seafood~ Yom.

    I know, mom. But I since firefox is refusing to upload pictures, and I don't like to write in explorer, I'm making some posts with lots of pics and some where I mostly write.

  4. Du kan ju skriva dina texter i word och markera, kopiera och klistra in i blogger. Jag håller med, dina tankar och funderingar och beskrivningar av saker som du upplever är jättekul att läsa.
    Hälsa Roger!

  5. hej! låter som du har det riktigt bra, förutom att du måste gå 40min och bombaderas av gula bilar:P Fast det kanske inte är största problemet xD. Uniformen var riktigt söt, det skulle vara kul att ha det någon gång. Fast det skulle nog inte passa på jälla...

    Många kramar från Sverige

  6. Hej Tove!
    Vi ska testa att det fungerar med kommentar på din blogg.
    Kram Molo